Habana 500

Havana in time

Year 1519

The town of San Cristobal de La Habana had its third settlement

It is estimated that the first town hall and the first Mass were held where the El Templete monument is currently located in the Plaza de Armas.

Havana is the capital of the country.

It had other settlements before being located near the entrance to the

Year 1537

Havana suffered the first attack of French corsairs. The following year another privateer managed to occupy the village for several days.

-MARCH 20.- When assuming the functions of Captain General of the Island of Cuba, Hernando de Soto, from Santiago de Cuba, ordered the construction of a fortress in Havana to protect the city from at

Year 1538

-MAY.- Havana is looted and burned by French filibusters.

-Approximately in the place that later occupied the church and the convent of Santo Domingo there was a hospital in which it seems that the mass was sung, while the church was being built.

Year 1539

-MAY 12. From the port of Havana, Hernando de Soto left the front of a powerful army to carry out the conquest of Florida.

Year 1540

-MARCH 12 .- Finished the strength of the old force, which was sent to build by Hernando de Soto. Later this fortification was destroyed before the attack of the privateer Jacques de Sores.

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Habana 500